Field View Primary School

Field View Primary School

Field View Primary School , Bilston


Field View Primary School in Bilston in the West Midlands is part of the St Martin’s Federation, bringing the school together with St Martin’s CE Primary School with a focus on high achievement, positive self-esteem, respect and educational excellence.


During the Autumn term of 2013, Signs Now were contacted by the school with a view to replacing worn out noticeboards, which were currently on the walls of the reception area and adjacent corridors.  

As part of the philosophy of reinforcing positive self-esteem in the pupils, the school were keen to use the area to not only inspire pupils, but also to improve its appearance and create a positive first impression for visitors, but to demonstrate their commitment to developing a positive learning experience through attractive pictures and inspiring words.  

The Approach

The school had already invested in bright and cheerful photography of pupils and classroom activities, which they were keen to use. It was decided that they could be effectively printed on to an 8mm flame polished acrylic wall mountable office print, which is ideal for displaying photography and would be hard wearing in the busy reception area and corridors.  The office prints used are also suitable for external use.

In addition, the school supplied motivational quotes to be applied to the wall as self-adhesive vinyl lettering to complement the images.  

The Result

From tired noticeboards to a fresh, bright and inspiring space, Field View Primary School can now be proud to make an excellent first impression that reinforces its values with quality signs and a clear message. Parents of potential pupils, visitors and staff can now feel positive as they walk through the corridors of the school, with signs that will be long lasting 

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