South Craven School

South Craven School

South Craven School , Keighley, Yorkshire


Premises manager Kika Bowen initially approached us looking for a way of brightening up the 6th form common area stage wall. We fixed 12 large 5mm foamex panels with full colour printed and laminated graphics to the face of the existing unfinished MDF boards. Kika and the school loved the completed signage so much that they asked us to come up with an external wayfinding solution for the school.


South Craven School is broken up into many different buildings, which to new visitors and students is difficult to navigate around and with no directional signage at all it was a problem that needed solving. Kika also mentioned how the school had been looking for an eye catching feature for the roundabout at the front of the school, which would welcome visitors.

Signage Supplied

We proposed that we could use our in-house Monocurve signage at various points around the school grounds to direct people. These monoliths could also be used on the roundabout to welcome visitors. The majority of customers we deal with will use one of the monoliths as a welcome sign by their entrances. We proposed that South Craven could use five! By varying the heights of the monoliths they could be set out in such a way that could be seen as you drive around the roundabout whilst at the same time communicating the school’s values. We also installed a few wall tray signs to help navigate between the buildings and post and panel signs to direct vehicles to designated parking areas.

Extra Mile

We worked in close relation with South Craven's design agency to make sure all the graphics matched their new branding. We also proposed that the school would find that by placing a directional map on the Monoform by the main entrance it would help visitors find the information they needed. It worked brilliantly.

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